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Android in 2016

What I want for Android in 2016.

  1. Google to issue a permanent fix to the nearly two year old bug.  Mobile Radio Active.  This has been around since the Lollipop Preview.  Android Lollipop and Marshmallow launch has came and gone.  This should have been fixed.  The Doze function can mask the battery drain when the device is sleeping but  day time standby battery drain is atrocious.
  2. Better battery optimization.  MarshMallow is s getting there, there are still lots of room for improvement.
  3. Android Pay on rooted phones.  Come on why exclude the half of your user base?
  4. A better successor to OnePlus 2.  A real flagship killer specifications please.  OnePlus 2 specs were decidedly meh.  The old OnePlus One tick every single box of a nerd’s dream phone.  Except maybe for removable battery.
  5. OnePlus One getting COS13 officially.  By Jan 2016.  And pigs can fly.

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