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2016 Android flagship phone

OnePlus claims that their OnePlus 2 is the flagship phone killer for 2016.  Motorola has released their line up of Play and Pure (aka Style) phones.

Which marketing genius thought up these names.?

The new Moto phones requires you to settle for something less.  The Play is a middle tier phone, so lower specs 5.5″ inch screen but with a fantastic 3630 mAh battery.  The Pure (aka Style) has QHD 5.7″inch screen  with a meh 3000 mAh battery.

Both comes with NFC but no fingerprint sensor and substantially lesser storage compared to OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 has nearly the same screen as the Moto Play, but with top of the line SOC, SnapDragon 810.  Good storage, 4GB RAM and 64GB flash. The only thing missing is the NFC.

The Blu Pure XL has all the required parts for a 2016 Flagship phone. Display check.  Storage check.  Fingerprint sensor, check. NFC, check.  The only minor problem is that it has a heart of Mediatek MT6795 Helio X10.  Mediatek is not well known for updates and hence OEMs (Blu, Xiaomi etc) can’t update their builds for next version of  Android.

In another words, what ever you choose, you have to settle for something less.  Moto phones, either you lose performance specs or battery life.  OnePlus is the much lamented NFC.  Blu  is future updates.

I think I will stick to my OnePlus One.  At least it hits all the bases…..                  For now.

Comparison of Moto and OnePlus

Blu Pure XL

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