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Would you buy a OnePlus 2?

Would you buy a OnePlus 2 at US$450 with the following specifications?

OnePlus2 announcements

  1. SnapDragon 810 CPU
  2. 4GB of RAM
  3. USB type C connector
  4. Fingerprint sensor
  5. 64 GB of Flash
  6. 5.5 in FHD display
  7. 3300-4000mAh

Check out the VR launch on 27 Jul 15.

OnePlus 2 VR launch


The OnePlus 2 comes with the SnapDragon 810 v2 SOC, finger print sensor and laser rangefinder.  It charges with a USB type C charging port.  The rest of the phone is nearly identical to its older brother OnePlus One.

After viewing the specifications, I felt really let down.  I have pay the full price of a OnePlus One and an additional US$50.  In return I get a phone with a 64-bit CPU without NFC.  Not really a game changer.  The rising US dollar, after conversion, the OnePlus 2  got really costly, nearly comparable to resale units of Samsung S5.

On the other hand, the LG V10 has everything, with a 615 SOC, SD card and removable batteries.  Just when I thought removable batteries went extinct when capacity hit 3000mAh/hr.  There were some reports of the 615 SOC performing poorer than the 801 SOC.  So I guess I have wait it out till 2016.

LG V10

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