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Why I don’t listen to radio anymore.

This is why I don’t listen to radio anymore. Early this year, MediaCorp Radio cleaned house and let a few senior DJs, Flying Dutchman and Glenn Ong were released. Ok, I get it, all part of rejuvenation.

Joe Augustin and Mike Kasem were moved to Gold 90.5 and the morning slot at Class 95 was taken up by the Muttons. The Muttons came from an evening slot, took a few days to find their feet. Unfortunately, their music and their jokes, somehow never strike a chord with me like the old Morning Express or Joe and Mike.

The Experiment as Joe and Mike call themselves over at Gold 90.5, played oldies. Music that gave me the shudders, the time when the playlists were casts in stone for the whole year.

Now I am caught in a bind. Current music, bad DJ. Good DJs, bad music. The kids love Joe and Mike, so after I drop them off at school, I have decided to switch to a new music:

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