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Update on Android Lollipop

A quick update on my use of Android Lollipop.   Since December 2014, I have tried different flavours of Android Lollipop.  From the truly amateur attempts to collective efforts Blisspop, I have tried them.  With the exception of an instance Google Maps unable to lock on my location, the outcome was surprisingly good.  No major restart or crashes.   There was an embedded video bug, this was addressed in an update to the Webview service.

Unfortunately, on the Google side, that is not the case.  There has been a bug that keeps the mobile radio on far longer than necessary.  Google so far has not addressed this issue.  This affects Android 5.0.1 to 5.1.1.  Yes, it is big.  Since everything else works and the price is just constant recharge, this is way low down in severity.

In the end is choose, Android 5.0 for video and battery or 5.1 for battery problems or just use 4.4.4

I decided to downgrade to KitKat

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