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OnePlus One ghost touch fix

Some eagle eye flasher saw the new Synaptics driver for the OnePlus One going into the CM nightlies for 15 May.  Soon everyone (including me) was falling over themselves to flash this.  Initial reports indicate that there is a definite improvement in the reduction or elimination of ghost touch.  Personally, it fixes my axis recognition problem.  A problem that I did not know I have until someone on HWZ mentioned it. I think this bug affects two handed typists.

If you are running COS12S or CM12.1 nightly, you can add this by doing a fastboot flash of the extracted boot.img file.

If you are running CM11S, you will need a third party kernel like Boeffla.

Otherwise, you can flash the entire 15 May and onward nightlies for the new drivers.

Of course, you wait for the official OTA to be released.

Boeffla Nightly

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