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A bad day?

Well, it was a bad day.  Those days where nothing turns out right.  For example yesterday, I met with the UPS vendor and turns out my time slot has been taken up, it is either one week earlier or later.  Earlier would require a scramble of stuff a madness that I usually try to avoid, later would be incurring the wrath of powers to be.

Going back to the office to sort out a billing snafu. It turns out the admin support is on leave, but not on the Outlook status.  Emailed it out and hope to get sorted by Monday.  Switching my focus to another area, the bane of my existence, sign off forms.  Why do people keep messing around with the layout of these forms is simply beyond me.  Look for the right form and fill it right.  I had to undo and redo my corrections.  In the process, killed a few trees.

While juggling with forms, I tried to put in a call to car agent to book a test drive for later in the evening.  No-can-do, only the next day.  So another item on the list crashed.

As I was driving home in the rain, going through my ‘choice’ words for the day’s ‘excellent’ outcome, a Malaysian truck on the extreme right lane decided to left.  All the way to the slip road on the left shoulder.  The truck wasn’t filtering anymore, it was driving across the three lane road.  I was driving up to him and will soon T-bone into it.

Luckily, in the moment of the vocal expressive monologue, my foot has lightened on the accelerator (gas) pedal, giving me an extra second to stomp on the brake and horn. Looks like the ‘choice’ words saved the day.

Much later on, after an hour, I received an SMS that my glasses are ready for collection.  Now with words and the world in focus, looks like it wasn’t so bad after all.

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