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How to share your WiFi Netwwork

You want to offer free WiFi to your friends / customers / patrons.  Naturally you want to secure it prevent leechers and at the same time hassle free.  Note your SSID password will be exposed, but these methods save you the hassle of typing complex passwords and ease changes.

For smartphone users it is much easier.  Embed your wifi connection info into a QR code, via a generator  Any user can use  a QR reader to scan and the phone’s OS will auto configure the WiFi settings. Works for iOS and Android.

For notebook users, things become really tricky.  You need to export the profile out.

netsh wlan export profile name=”JohnnyTest” folder=”f:\wifi”

Your friends has to import it in.  The simplest way I can think of use creating a batch file, zip the batch file and profile together.  Email it out.

Import the WiFi profile.

netsh wlan add profile filename=”f:\wifi\Wireless Network Connection 7-JohnnyTest.xml”

QR code generator  netsh command

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