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CM12 Lollipop nightly

After a few weeks of keeping an eye of CM12 nightly, I finally bite the bullet and upgraded.  Since the first nightly on 6 Jan, the patches for each nightly has been really long.  On some days (or nights) it even flows to 2 pages.  These patches include some of the CM goodness (eg Theme Engine) on top of the Android Open Source Project or AOSP.

On 27 Jan, there were only 1 page long of patches and there were no adverse feedback for sometime. I thought why not give it a go.  Dirty flashing from CM11S 44S gave a black screen.  A phone reset kick started the initial setup screen.  This time enrolling Google Account with 2FA is much easier.  The installer listened for the SMS message, send back the code and continued the enrollment smoothly.  On KitKat, it would just hang.  you will need to skip the Google Account step and manually add it in later. I did not get the restore screen for apps.  Small matter, I just re-installed  from Play Store and restored the data/config from Titanium Backup.  Since I prefer the OnePlus or Cyanogen camera, I sided loaded it from APKmirror.

Not surprising root access was lost.  I installed SuperSu from Play Store but the app could not root.  It turns out that I need to enable root access in Settings, Development tab.

Weird stuff:

  1. There is no indication of charging with the battery icon.  Usually there is a  lightning indicator or a wavy percentage indicator.  Nothing. Somebody suggested to change the battery from text to text and icon.
  2. Alarm volume is way too loud.  So loud that it gets distorted. This was caused by the app.  A volume big fixed in later nightlies
  3. Some apps may not work properly.  Dialer One, my favorite dailer app since Jelly Bean does not pop up to answer a call. I could use it to make calls. Removed it and the stock dailer took over to answer calls. Fixed in later nightlies
  4. Priority and Interruptions mode is strange.  Does data sync still works? It doesn’t.  Only alarms and SMS.
  5. The new boot animation is really bright and it sears into your eyes.

So far, camera, video and conference call works.  Gestures are installed but disabled.  Screencast app is not installed.  I guess there are more features to come.

CM12 changelog Nightlies

Edit: 2 Feb

6. WiFi is unstable.  It keeps crashing and the logcat shows DHCP failure.  I think it even causes the DHCP pool to be exhausted causing my AP to deny access.  Rebooted the AP, so far so good.

7. Audio glitches.  Not so apparent when listening to rock music, on classical it is a showstopper.

8.. Ghost touch.  It suddenly made an appearance during dinner time.  So I just cleared the caches and luckily it came back.

Edit: 21 Feb

9. Mysterious changes to display brightness.  Sometimes the Display will get set to maximum or minimum brightness.

10. WhatsApp have stopped resulting in no incoming messages.  Data was working though.

When WhasApp problem occurred twice in 4 days, I gave up and went back to CM11s KitKat.

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