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OnePlus One 38R update

I was looking over the forums at OnePlus, there seems to be a lot of folks having problems with the 38R update.  More specifically, have used OTA to update to 38R. Problems include random reboot, GPS failure, zoom failure etc.

Those that sideloaded to 38R seems to have less problems.  So here is another guide on how to sideload 38R update.  This does not affect your data but recommended to do a backup.

  1. Download 38R full version for OnePlus from Cyanogen Inc.  (~452 MB)
  2. Extract system.img (~700MB) file into your ADB directory
  3. Reboot the phone to fastboot mode.
  4. Connect to your computer.
  5. Install the drivers for fastboot.  Here is a video.  Take your time, there is no hurry here.
  6. Open a command window with admin privileges.
  7. Change to your ADB directory
  8. Type “fastboot system system.img”
  9. Wait 1 minute and the phone reboots.
  10. Reboot to recovery and clear your cache. Reboot again when done.

Now you have flashed the system files for 38R.  Test the phone.  If it does not work, you may need to flash the whole phone.

You will need to restore your custom recovery and re-root.


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