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OnePlus Shareable Invites

After close to 2 months of waiting, I finally received my OnePluse shareable invites.  I think the delay was caused by my profile.  I did not put in a location when I signed up because I did not foresee a long commitment to the forums.  After setting the right location, 3 days later the invites pop up.

OnePlus shareable invites

Stock image from OnePlus

The simple act of giving away the invites was much more difficult than I thought.  First, immediate family.  nobody interested.  Colleagues same.  Forums full of newcomers or possibly scalpers.   Some are genuinely really blur.  I can’t give to those that not technically inclined.  Lets face it the hardware and software are still rough around the edges.

In the end , I gave one to a tech guru on Twitter , one o Reddit and the last one  on OnePlus forums.

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