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Paranoid Android 4.5

Paranoid Android 4.45 stable is an excellent build.  No weird 3G  or APN  problems.  Battery drain a bit on the high side, but livable.  There is just one thing.

Evernote has a tendency go mad every second day (2, 4 etc).  It keeps the CPU constantly away, eating battery life away.  Even after hibernating it using Greenify and turning off Location tracking.  I managed to stop it.

The second time around on the fourth day, the same thing happened.  This time round, all efforts failed, inclusive of putting it in airplane mode.  I connect it as a USB device, depriving it of access to the SD card.  On removal, it slowly crept back.

Frustrated, I move on to Paranoid Android 4.5 Beta 2.    Just as I wanted to write this post to say the bug has been fixed, Google + went mad.  I tried to search for Better Battery Stats, when the phone self rebooted, breaking my 3 day going 4 record.

Now to wait some more.

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