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OnePlus One phone

OnePlus One Invite

OnePlus One, the invite that almost everyone is looking for. After waiting for almost 3 months, I have received mine directly.  Just when I was having doubts about getting support and casing. I could have got this even earlier by registering when the Forums section was launched.   Instead I did it in May 14, nearly a month after the announcement of the Invites scheme.

A quick browse through the 224 page thread in HardWareZone, convinced me that it is safe enough to buy.  For the uninitiated, OnePlus is a spin off/branch/subsidiary of Oppo.  OnePlus flagship phone is called One and it is their only  product.  The One is a quad core phone with a  5.5 inch display, 3GB of RAM and a huge battery.  Very similar to the Nexus line, no SD card or removable battery.

Wish me luck!


Update 12 Aug 2.52pm

OnePlus One Shipping

Update 14 Aug 14

The One has landed in VPOST  processing centre in Oregon.  All I have to do is to pay and it will be shipped.  Instead of rushing it over, I have decided to include in a few more items to take advantage of bundling and avoid the base charge.  Getting some parts and filters for the fridge.

Vpost Discount vouchers

Update 27 Aug 14

All the rest of stuff were in on 25 Aug. Amazon took a long time to truck it over and I was nearly fined for keeping the rest of the stuff so long.  Amazon warehouse is on the East coast, VPOST is in Oregon, West Coast.All payment done, after 2 days of processing it is on the way to Singapore.   If the reverse holds true I should see it next Monday 1 Sep.

Update 8 Sep 14

The phone arrived on 30 Aug.  It was really difficult to find a case.  In the end I had to pay a visit to Sim Lim Square  The first day of full operations is on 5 Sep 14

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5 thoughts on “OnePlus One phone

  1. kwekey

    Hi Alfred,

    It seems to me that you did not pay anything to OnePlus on the 12th Aug.
    It seems to me that you make all the payment including he phone and shipping only 14th Aug..

    Can you clarify?

    1. AL Post author

      Hi, I paid to OnePlus when I ordered the phone on 9 Aug. By the time they process, it was 12 Aug. I received the phone at the forwarder in Oregon on 14 Aug. To receive the phone in Singapore, I need to pay the forwarding fee and tax.

    1. AL Post author

      I used this guide.

      Select the freight forwarder, setup your profile in the forwarder. When the invite comes in enter your shipping address as provided by the forwarder EXACTLY. Your name will be tagged with a code. eg John Smith -xxxxx. Just follow the prompts and you will be fine.

      The only mode of payment is PayPal. There is only one type of USB charger, US style pins.

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