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Android users

On my daily commute on the train or bus, as I peek over the shoulders of fellow commuters, I noticed the phablet is the device of choice. To read or watch those never ending Korean/Taiwanese soap dramas. To crush those colourful bubbles of Candy. Unfortunately, throwing birds seems to have gone out of fashion.

The large screen of the phablet enables comfortable viewing one’s favourite actor/actress. The not too large screen means you can hold it near without getting an eye strain and give some resemblance of privacy.  I have yet to see a commuter watch a movie on a full size iPad.

Android devices large and small. Most of them are still running the original shipped version of Android. Some users have outgrown their device and tries to make up for the lack of functionality by using apps. I once counted 6 different icons, comprising power management, task killers, GPS indicators, Facebook etc.

Why don’t just root and upgrade using any of the many many third party ROMs?

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