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Android up time

I think I have it with Android up time.   Or to be more precise, Cyanogenmod on my S2 phone.  With every new CM version, new feature are rolled out CM11 and theme manager etc.  Android latest version, KitKat comes with better memory requirements and management.

Unfortunately, that does not translate to a better up or operational time.  This is the length of time before a reboot.  This used to be about 5 to nearly 14 days for CM10.1.  Now I can barely hit 3 days of up time on CM11.  It is usually due to some the OS or app crashing, locking the whole phone. or  the infamous Sleep Of Death (SOD).

I calculated if there are 100 apps in my phone, the actual number is 146, say 50 of them can cause a crash and takes 2 days to do so.  That would means a staggering 100 days test cycle, optimistically speaking.

I think it would be saner to configure Llama to reboot the phone every night.

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Update: 20 Jun

Recently I have encountered several instances of SOD when I had some time.  Since I was in no hurry to make a call, I decided to poke around a little.  The volume and power buttons did nothing to turn the screen.  My home button took an extended holiday last year, so I did not bother. I plug the phone to the charger and the soft buttons back light turned on. Hmm lets try the buttons again, no response.  Unplug and plug back.  Left it alone. After about 10 seconds the boot animation started.  The phone had soft restart!  In another instance, I just plug in and waited and waited and it did the same thing again.

Now to try it out on my notebook.  This will be a data connection not a charging connection.  I wonder if it works.  Or I can use one of those gimped USB data cables.

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