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2014 World Cup Memes

The 2014 World Cup just kicked off on 12 Jun 2014 and all the football fans rejoiced.  This time round it is held in Brazil amid reports of poor infrastructure.  But all that is put aside once the games kicked off.  Similarly the Internet kicked off a series of memes about the game and comparing the beautiful game. Since then I have seen 3 memes that worth keeping.  Not all about the World Cup though, but good enough.

The game in general

Football vs Rugby

The superstar coaches

Football and soccer

The header that opened the floodgates.

Immortalized in a meme link Youtube

Now where is Larissa Raquelme?

Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini

That gave rise to this. More here

World Cup Suarez

Its over, Andy’s Father and Germany won.

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