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Using Lubuntu as a daily driver.

In a previous post, I wrote about putting Lubuntu on my Compaq Presario notebook.  Now that is some tweaked (turn off LCD screen, use external monitor), I am trying to keep it as a daily driver.

Microsoft Office.  I thought I could just use what was packaged.  My daughter wanted to do a presentation and there were some old slides in PowerPoint.  So I installed LibreOffice.  It looks complete with all the features of a productivity suite.  I need to explore it further.

Lubuntu reads the old Windows XP partition and thumbdrives properly.  The strange thing is filenames are case insensitive!  I have not seen this since the days of MS DOS!  I kept trying to change case in filenames and got nowhere.  I might dig around and throw the case sensitive switch.


Windows XP and Lubuntu

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