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Aviate Work Collection

Aviate is a contextual launcher, it will/should pop up an appropriate collection depending on your current location or time.  So far it has been quite spot on with Morning and Night collections, which is a no brainer.  Sometimes Aviate will get it right for Home, most of the time it does not for Work.

I was trying to get a faster response for Aviate’s Work collection, instead it worked for Spaces. This is assuming you do not connect to your work WiFi.  If you do, just ignore the WiFi bits.

  1. At work, turn on WiFi and GPS.  Preferably a location where you can get a good GPS signal
  2. Slide to Spaces and select Nearby.

    Aviate Change Collection

    Aviate Change Collection

  3. Wait for GPS to lock and select your current location.
  4. Wait for a few minutes, turn off WiFi and GPS.

Next time when you are at work, turn on and off WiFi.  I use Llama for this.  The desired Space will show up.

Work collection still does not turn up. Sigh.

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