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Lenovo A1 reports illegal battery

The first Android devices, Lenovo A1 tablet was left aside for a few weeks .  Recently I tried charging the device , after a few minutes, the screen will light up saying “Battery is illegal” in English and Chinese.  Then the device shuts down.

A quick noodling around, reveals that this is illegal battery problem is quite common,  except the repair method is uncommon.  The Lenovo A1 does not have a removable back.  The repair method is to unplug the battery, wait for a while and plug back.  The various U Tube videos showed a guy opening the back with his fingers, and another using a guitar pick.  I tried using a  normal credit card but it was too thick, so I put my expired IEEE membership card to good use.  It is a plastic covered cardboard and about half the thickness.

I ran the card round and round the table to free up in the internal plastic catches.  Took some time as I did not want the back to break.  After a few tries, I managed to take the back off.  The battery is connected via short cable.    Unplug it and wait for a few minutes.  Plug it back and charge.  After a few seconds the charging light started blinking.  Several minutes later the green battery bar showed up on the screen showing 1%.  Do not install back the cover yet.

After overnight charging, the device can be turned on.  Did a quick check through, looks like it is back.  Popped the back cover on.

Lenovo maintenance manual link

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3 thoughts on “Lenovo A1 reports illegal battery

  1. Chris

    Had the same problem. Stated “Battery is illegal” in English and Chinese.

    Battery was very low. Maybe thats the problem.

    Anyway. Try holding Power and Volume (+) buttons for 3 seconds.

    After this, the message was gone.

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