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Recovery Manager and USB storage

The recovery manager in Android is a pre-boot software that enables you to flash new ROMs, clear caches, mount partitions etc.  It usually comes with a file manager so that you can navigate the folders.  The manager is usually operated using the volume key and the power button. Some versions of recovery manager are touch enabled.  So that you can operate the recovery manager using touchscreen controls.  Nice 🙂

What I have totally forgotten to explore is that there is a important feature when the brown stuff hits the fan.  In “Mount and Dismount” section, there is a “Mount USB storage”.  When enabled, your phone will appear as a USB drive in your computer.  You can then copy the necessary files over to your phone without the use of a SD card or ADB commands!

I should have use this feature when trying to downgrade from OmniROM to CM10.2

This feature is in the popular  ClockWork Mod (CWM), latest version  and  Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP).

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