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The tagline: Its been a great ride but now is time.

I could not bring myself to take down the Palm word from the tagline.  Too many fond memories.  I started off using Palm Professional back in the late 90s.  I think I got it within a month of it hitting the shelves.  Even got a replacement when I lost it a few months later.  After going through two more models, IIIx, Vx, the slow convergence and lack of innovation got to me.

I jumped ship to Sony Ericsson P1 in 2008. link  and later to the world of Nokia on the E71.  This model with the full keyboard is a very popular business phone and a successful ad campaign  during the 2010 World Cup. link. gave it an additional boost.  In 2011, my long sightedness got to me and I decided it is time to upgrade to a full touchscreen phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 9100. link

And into the world of the little green man.

In the end, just added  ‘+Android’ to the tagline.

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