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Android in 2014

What I want for Android in 2014.

1. Refinements in Android 4.4 or KitKat

In Location Settings, the merging of GPS control with WiFi is unnecessary, confusing and a real PITA.  If you want to leave Locations on.  The best way is Battery Saver, using WiFi and 3G.  When you decide to use Maps, there is quick way to turn on GPS.  GPS together with WiFi and 3G is a sure way to kill the battery.  Google in turn gets confirmation of every WiFi AP location in proximity.
Battery performance on Exynos handsets need more improvement.  I have tried CM11 and OmniRom’s KitKat.  Both builds look very finished but the battery life is really terrible.
2. More protection against big brother snooping
CyanogenMod’s WhisperPush is one step in the right direction, hopefully more handset manufacturers bring it to mainstream.  The push of using Google Hangouts for both SMS and IM is a step in the wrong direction.
3. Globalization of Made In China (MIC) phones
Oppo Find 5, 7 and N1 is growing in popularity worldwide.  XiaoMe is nipping at their heels.  One wonders what Huawei is up to.  All these add up more choices and better prices for all.
4. Stop making 6 inch handphones or 2K displays.
These are drop magnets.  Try instead for a better user experience like Moto X and a larger battery.
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