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And out comes the iron fist

On 8 Dec,13, a group of foreign workers surged the site of an accident.  The accident was between a bus and drunken passenger.  The passenger a foreign worker was told step off the bus due to overcrowding and time.  Somehow he ended up underneath the bus.

When the police and the ambulance arrived, the staff were pelted with rocks.  More people started rioting.  The end result, 4 police cars and 1 ambulance got burnt.  A really shocking event, since mass public disorder is such a rarity.  Nobody could even remember when was the last time it happened.

Thanks to surveillance footage and police ground work, the suspected perpetrators were quickly arrested.

Now as part of ‘calming’ measures, the police has enforced an alcohol ban and withdrawal of special express buses to Little India in the next weekend. 14-15 Dec  The actions of a few has now punished the collective.  Out comes the iron fist.

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On a separate note, Media Development Authority (MDA) has requested The Breakfast Network to register.  The Breakfast Network is a news website with critical analysis of local news.  There are a few posts that poses the contrarian view.  The strange thing is that most readers, including myself consider it as very pro-Government.

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