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Frozen Roti Prata

Here are 6 reasons why a pack of frozen Roti Prata is handy. I prefer the plain version so that it blends well with other food. There are pratas with French onion or spring onion flavours. Popiah skin does nearly the same job but it is usually bulk packed and nearly impossible to separate when frozen.

  1. Pan fried with a dash or dashes of sugar for an instant meal.
  2. You can substitute sugar with a slice of cheese.
  3. For a much healthier choice, you can pour a whipped egg over the prata while frying.
  4. Leftover vegetables? Fry up a  Roti Prata, roll it up the veggies like a popiah and dig in.
  5. You can do the same with meat, although roasted meat works best. Drop in some sliced lettuce you will get something like a shawarma or kebab.
  6. Roti Prata can be used as pizza base. You need to dust the base with flour and be lightning quick while prepping the pizza. When the prata defrosts before is cooked, it can be very sticky.
  7. Extra curry? Its prata time.

Other similar alternatives include Naan or Chappati.

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