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Certification in Project Management

I am thinking considering a project-related certification.  There is the CITPM and the PMP.

I recently attended an intro talk by the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) on Certified IT Project Manager (CITPM).  According to their website, there are 2129 certified CITPM, which  is

  • World’s first IT Project Manager Certification
  • Managed by SCS and endorsed by IDA
  • A yardstick for employers in the recruitment of IT Project Managers and assessment of staff capabilities
  • Accredited by the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

To get accredited, you will need to pay $727.6 for non-members or $588.5 for members and submit one Project Experience Report (PER).  It used to be three PERs.  At the first glance, it appears there is less work for the applicant but the assessor will base your application based on just one report.  Citrep sponsors you up to $500

For associates, you take the test.

Re-certification is to earn 100 Continuing Professional Certification credits over a five-year period.

What does the assessor assess you on?  Well, the CITPM Body of Knowledge (BOK) is based on PMP BOK (more on this later) and some additional chapters.

The other certification is the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.  There is a form to fill up and provide a summary of hours clocked for each phase of projects done.  They only require a supervisor, project name, and hours. You may need multiple sections to hit the required hours.  Attend an instructor-led class on project management.  You are now eligible for the test.

On the surface, both certifications look very similar, CITPM uses the same BOK.  The PER for CITPM needs to exhibit that you have previously practiced good or bad project management principles.  You understand and embody the concepts of the BOK.  If the projects that you completed do not meet the cut and chances they will, you will need to search for new stuff.  PMP on the other hand required no more effort than breaking down your prior projects into hours.  Even audited, you are required to get a sign-off and maybe a company stamp.

PMP is a certification that uplifts you to a standard eg like the Microsoft System Engineer series. CITPM is closer to a professional body like Professional Engineers Board (PEB) endorsing you on your demonstrated professionalism.  No wonder there are lots more PMP than CITPM.

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