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And then the ball came crashing down.

Android 4.3 or CM 10.2 looks oh so nice, with the much vaunted, highly secured CM account to locate my device and what else?

What else? Well the random soft reset every few times an hour starting from 11 Sep to once or twice a day in 23 Sep. It’s a bit disconcerting when you are browsing on WhatsApp and suddenly you are looking at the spinning circle. My blood pressure rose a bit when that happened. But never mind since I wasn’t doing anything critical then. The strange thing is that I can’t capture any error logs. The Up Time counter was not affected and there were no dump logs. It just looks like the launcher and other bits of software got restarted.

A few mornings later, the Alarm Droid went off. I lean over to silence it and guess what? It went into soft reset. Now that is not good. Hmm not good, since the rest of the family depended on me to get them out of bed, that could have disastrous effect. It is time to change the threat level from green to yellow. Yesterday morning, the same thing happened, it soft reboot for another alarm. Ok now it is getting on my nerves.

These days on the way to work, I noticed that the 3G network performance has been spotty. Some areas I got literally no bars when I knew there is coverage. The threat level now is now up another notch. Today, I got a call from my kids and the phone drop the connection to no bars.

Time to go back to Android 4.2

CM 10.1.3 stable is out courtesy of @infected_ at XDA Developers. But I want a known good nightly in case of problems encountered in the downgrade. I have no idea how accurate I was. I dirty flashed 13 Aug CM10.1 nightly, cleared all caches and reboot. The phone stuck on boot. I hard powered off by pressing power button for 10 seconds and reboot to Recovery using the 3 finger salute of Vol up, Power and Home. This is a small miracle considering the bad condition of my Home button. This time I wiped the System partition and flash again. Same result. Reboot into Recovery again, execute Wipe Data/Factory reset. Now it boots and I have lost all my SMSes.

Since I don’t have access to the work place WiFi, I was forced to re-install using 3G, putting the most of my 12GB bandwidth cap to work. It is a slow process but moving. I encountered a Play Store error 923 due to my APN was set to GPRS. It is true that Google knows how to access all the AP in world as the restore include my home AP settings, but strangely not the Wireless@SG.

While waiting for the CM10.1 stable to come out and CM10.2 to stabilize, I decided that to correct a mistake a long time ago. I have messed up my modem software. That is another post.

Soft reset / reboot / restart

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