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CM10.2 or Android 4.3 is here

From 13 Aug 13, all development work on CM10.1 has stopped and moved to CM10.2  The new version comes with BLE support and new version of OpenGL graphics. Cyanogenmod (CM) is adding their new camera called Focal for the new version.

In a few weeks time , they will rollout their version of Google Device Finder, called Cyanogenmod Account.  All this gives a good reason to upgrade when the bug level in the nightlies stabilises and the Focal camera stops hanging.

I might upgrade just for CM Account if they don’t back port. The other features don’t appear to be a deal breaker. I am currently on day 11 of CM10.1 13 Aug nightly.   Lets see how long I can pull this off before a reboot is required.

11 days of up time

Android 4.3 link CM Focal link account link

Update: 2 Sep 13
I managed to stretch the Up time to 14 days.  Unfortunately the GPS went mad and could lock on to any satellite.  In the end I restarted the phone.

Update 6 Aug 19
Fixed a dead link.  For  Cyanogenmod links use Internet Archive. There is a wrap up article on Daily Wireless

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