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Singapore Air Pollution at an all time high

The  Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) hit 401 on 21 Jun 13.  A record of sorts.  Everything outside was shrouded in the haze, courtesy of the regular slash and burn forest clearing in Sumatra, Indonesia

So what did you do when the haze hit Singapore?  The PSI started climbing up from 14 Jun to a massive 401 on 21 Jun. Well for my family and me, we kept mainly indoors.  To prevent the foul air from coming in the windows were kept tightly closed.  The build up heat quickly became unbearable and we turned on the air con nearly every night and nearly the whole day on Sat 22 Jun.  This is notable as we have always relied on fans for air circulation and cooling through the year.   We only run the air con once or twice a year.

The haze go so bad that the swimming pool was closed and all activities, indoor outdoor activities at the community centre were cancelled.

Air purifiers were hot items, they were sold out at all stores.  Demand for N95 masks shot through the roof.  I don’t know why anyone bother as most do not put the masks properly.  The Health Ministry released 4 million masks through People’s Association to calm things down. link

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