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MMS messages where art thou?

I have this problem for the longest time.  I simply could not receive or send MMS messages on Cyanogenmod 10.  Every time I receive a message, I have wait at least a day for the telco delivery to timeout and send me a SMS with a link to download.  Now if the MMS contains time critical info .. .. …

After another instance of non delivery, I called up M1 and they very kindly emailed me the settings.  I followed the steps and created the APN and rebooted the phone.  Tried sending to myself and others with no success.  I gave up and decided that it is the CM10 at fault.  There were some posts on XDA that patching is required but new nightlies do not.  Hmmmm

So I decided to leap forward again back to the bleeding edge of technology, Android 4.2.2 on Galaxy S2 International.

The upgrade was painless  and I remembered to flash Google Apps this time.  There were a few irritating details.  A strange yellow question mark at the cLock widget.  The next alarm event was partially blocked by the security PIN dialog box.  I spend a few minutes poking around and found that the strange yellow question mark was due to absence of Yahoo Weather app.  Nope don’t need it. Disabled the weather feed and the next alarm event.  Now the lock screen is nice clean and well laid out.

There is a process that kept crashing every time I reboot.  A dialog box will pop up saying:

process has stopped

A quick search revealed that you can perform a quick reset to solve this.  Settings > Manage Apps > Reset app preference.  Very nice feature.  link

Google Now kept reporting that the Location Services were not turned.  After some head scratching and reading some posts about upgrading Google Play, I deduced that I have installed the wrong version of Google Apps.  A quick check revealed that I was right. link

The actual fix for the crashing process and Google Location service is to flash the right version of Google Apps.

MMS?  Still not working.  I guess I have resort to WhatsApp.

9 Jun Update

Evernote latest update could not be downloaded. I keep getting this error

Update for “Evernote” could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-5:AEC-0])

I tried clearing data for Google Play and Google Framework.  A post on Android Central, pointed out it is cleaner to delete and add back your Google account.  Thereafter the update works!  Note you will need re-authenticate that Google account for all your apps and location access. link link

18 Jul Update

A possible cause of the RPC server error is that you have multiple Google Accounts and Play may be configured to use the secondary account.  Check Play> Settings> Accounts and select accordingly.

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