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Die Hard: A Good Day to Die Hard

This is the fifth outing of the action movie franchise, Die Hard.  Like all action movies, some suspension of belief is required.  Just like  The A-Team (2010), this movie rewrites the laws of physics. The first 5 minutes was very beautifully done.  An assassination is completed with the help of several cutouts.

The second after the explosion at the court house, everything started going downhill.  A 2 tonne jeep cannot push a 18 tonne Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) any where.  You never bring asset/s into the nerve center of your safe house.   The rigged corridor though is a very nice touch.

At certain points in the movie, John Mclane still show he has the New York cop sense of trouble, to stop this from turning into a very expensive B grade movie.

The last reel on literally throws everything out of the window.  Radioactivity,  momentum, the necessary explosions and more radioactivity.

A forgettable movie, unlike Die Hard 3 and 4.

Why don’t anyone do movies like Safe House (Ryan Reynolds), Jack Reacher or Transit anymore?

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