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Nexus 4 is now officially available in Singapore

Nexus 4, months after launch is now available in Singapore.  It is available only on the open market without telco subsidy.  It sells about S$668.  Before this, some parallel importers were selling at S$600-650.  It is one of the cheapest smartphone with 4 cores that is the most open.  You can get a Samsung Galaxy SIII for the same price.  Putting a third party ROM on it is another matter.  The current build of CM10.1 is still suffers from sudden lags, which the devs have attributed to the Exynos processor driver.

Interestingly the LG Optimus G seems to be a close match except for a 13 megapixel camera.  Both cameras have non removable batteries.  Hmmmm  not good.

At this point I am thinking of replacing my current phone battery.  After nearly 2 years of service, I think the battery is tired.  I think third party ROMs on Samsung has run its course.  But they make oh such nice hardware.

Hardwarezone link  LG

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