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Worried about drones looking for you? Don’t be, chances are the civilian flight regulators, in this case EASA, will kill it faster. Germany’s EuroHawk was denied certification to operate in civilian airspace. Europe air space, the parts that matter are congested. For the EuroHawk to realize its full potential it will need to operate in or near other manned aircraft.

The strange part of the story, is this issue was first brought up 10 years before the purchase that EuroHawk does not have Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS). Certification without it will be impossible. In addition Northrup Grumman will not be making changes to accommodate TCAS.  So in the end the EuroHawk was cancelled. link link

This is what happens if there is no TCAS. Near miss between an Airbus and a Luna drone.  link

Wait there is more!.  USN’s  MQ-4C Triton just successfully took off.  It is based on the Air Force version of the Global Hawk (RQ-4)! link  The father o f the EuroHawk. To further rub salt on the wound, the Triton will come with TCAS!. link The other main difference is that the sensors on MQ-4C are designed for searching for ships in the ocean.

Luckily Singapore did not get sucked in to creating an AsiaHawk  platform.


Nice poster from NG available here.

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