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Mobile WiFi

A mobile WiFi, is the key connection happiness. When you are out and about and  you need Internet access for your notebook, a quick solution is to do WiFi tethering with your smartphone.  For some people this option is not available or sustainable.  Some work locations have restrictions on camera phones which pretty much rules out nearly all smartphones.  Your handphone data plan may be capped at 1 or 2GB.

To use a 3G USB modem dongle, you may not have local admin access to install.  The paperwork oh the paperwork to get it for your notebook makes you want  … …. …. ….

Enter the HAME MPR-A1 Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n Wireless 3G Router or known as mobile wifi or mifi.  Insert your own 3G USB modem dongle on one end, plug it to a USB charger, you have a wireless hotspot.  All you need to do now is to create wireless network connection and enter the key!

Another use case is for protection against hotel Internet access.  The cabled Internet access offers fast access, at the same time your computer can be seen and connected by the other hotel guests.  This device has a build in SPI firewall with a RJ-45  WAN port for your peace of mind.

Oh did I mention the battery backed operation or as a 1800mAh charger?


Disclosure: I have no business association or ownership with the makers of this product.  Just enthralled with concept.

Edit 8 Nove 15

If the battery runs flat, the configuration get reset to default.  If you want a quicker way, there is a pin reset on the power button side.  Press and hold for 10 seconds.

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