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May 27 2013

That is the day when WordPress is 10 years old.  I started playing on and off with web logs in 2002.   At that time web logs or blogging was in its infancy. I was exploring the technology of self publishing using MovableType .  All my previous experience with web content creation were through the atrocious FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver.

The concept of putting all that code on the web server and have it generate all the web pages for you were at the very least technically interesting.  For non techy casual web content creaters, a god send.  And blogging took off.  This is my first official post on then Movable Type 3.1

I stayed with MovableType as long as I could.  In the end the writing was on the wall.  To keep the internal links updated, I have to regularly re-pubish the whole site.  I finally moved over to WordPress on 1 Jan 2009.


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