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Its a good day.

This Wednesday started with a bang when I realised that I forgot to pay a credit card bill last night.  I quickly hustled everyone out of bed so that I get to the ATM.  Imagine my horror when I could not find the credit card.  After several minutes of retracing my usage over the past few days and Easter weekend, I realized that on Friday lunch, I had left it at a fast food outlet.

A quick search turn up the outlet phone number (a rarity these days) and after several nervous minutes, the manager confirmed that the card is with them.   I dashed over trying to beat the morning rush hour traffic.  The very nice manager verified my id and I got the card back. An OCBC card holder out there is missing a card too.

In the late afternoon, I received a call from a recruiter for a position that I thought was long gone.  She asked if I am still interested, and to send her my updated resume.

Overall a good day.

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