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Google Play: Update cannot download due to error 413

During the Easter weekend, I encountered an error while trying to update Evernote.  Originally I thought it was due to the 3G connection.  Going by Wi Fi I got the same result.  The rest of my apps I could uninstall and reinstall with no problems.  I put it on the back burner thinking that it was a Google Play issue.

Today (Mon 1 Apr), I tried to update again with the same problem.  According to the Evernote user reviews, there were other people with no problems installing and updating.  Hmmm.  my Lemon expense app have a similar 413 problem too.  See below.

Google Play Update  error 413

Time to get cracking.

So after gathering all the tips from the Internet, I have done the following:

  1. Cleared Play Store app updates, Clear Data and Cache.
  2. Cleared Google Play Services and  Data.
  3. Cleared Google Services Framework and Data (<Never do this, here is why link)
  4. Cleared Download Manager  and Downloads.
  5. Reboot to Recovery and cleared the cache.

All this to no success.  I checked with Twitter friend @richxiong, he suggested this thread.  I checked my APN settings and it was set to MiWorld WAP (GPRS).  A quick switch to M1’s Sunsurf Internet, the apps swiftly downloaded and installed.

Android APN settings

In summary, if you encountered an error 413 while trying to update/install an app from Google Store, this is most likely due to your phone Internet settings or APN.  The app contains an installation pre-requisite that a 3G or faster connection.

The change in APN settings, was most likely caused by me testing AntTek Quick Settings app (for some pseudo CM10.1 goodness).

Update 12 Aug 13

Another possible reason for this error is that you have multiple accounts configured on your Phone and Play Store does not know which to use.  Inside Play, check Settings> Accounts is selected correctly.  If it still does not download, try removing your Google Account, reboot and add it back.  This is a very safe procedure.

Update 26 Sep 13

I wiped my phone to downgrade from CM10.2 to CM10.1  When I power up, I went through the usual first boot experience.  Little did I know Google was pushing down all my apps from Play store.  MobileOne default APN is GPRS and lots of apps failed to download.   For example Flipboard caused an error 923.

Google Play Update error 923

Play store error 923

A quick change of APN settings to the 3G ‘sunsurf”,the app downloaded smoothly and installed.


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