Alfred's New Ramblings

Things I learn in 2012

  1. Always save for a rainy day, with an eye on inflation.
  2. Always keep your certification current,  even if they are of no current use.
  3. Regularly replace your computer/s so that you can fulfill 1.
  4. Keep your resume current. Sometimes unrelated things blow up and may affect you. link
  5. Never put your employer on your Facebook account. Your personal business can become “conduct unbecoming” and thus a case for termination.  link link    Another case.  link  link
  6. If you have an Linkedin account, you might want to try obfuscation.
  7. Rooting and flashing new ROMs for Android phones is fun!
  8. Running 3 times a week for an hour will loose you some weight. 8kgs for me.
  9. Salary negotiation requires you to keep a cool head, a closed mouth and no blinking!

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