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New Nexus Devices 4, 10

Google just announced new Nexus devices.  There was supposed to be a launch but that was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.

Nexus 4 is a phone made by LG,  10 is a 10 inch tablet by Samsung.  Both will most likely ship with Android 4.2.  The new version of Android comes with a gesture keyboard that is like Swype and a new camera app.  There is another Nexus device, Nexus 7 made by ASUS, now available in 32GB.

Look carefully at the 4 in the video, does it remind you of another phone?  The guy that was presenting the devices is no other than Matias Duarte.  Yes, he was from Palm Computing.

Now to see when is Google going to release the code for Android 4.2 to Android Open Source Project (AOSP).  Once that is done, all modders out there can start experiencing the latest Jelly Bean goodness.


The full article from the Verge is here.

Nexus logo from Google +


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