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Google Now voice commands

This list is taken off a G+ post.  Those commands prefix with a = is from the Nexus Voice Action page.  ==  is a command that I tested.  Note to use the voice prompt ‘Google’, the language must be set to English (US).  It does not work for any other type of English.


*If you want it to give traffic information from home to work make sure your home and work location is set on latitude, it will update it self and give you traffic information from where ever you are at. (Now Card)
-Navigate to_____.
-Directions to ____.
-Take me to _____.


-Stock price of ____.  If you can get it to recognize the word ‘stock’, it only report US listings.


*A Now card will appear of a flight you’ve searched for.(Now Card)
-Flight name + flight number (ex. “Delta Air Lines flight 4183”)


* It will read your calendar and post it on Google Now, if you don’t want it to, just go to setting and change it(Now Card)
**also appointments with a certain destination will show up on the Now card and it will give traffic information to your appointment’s destination.*Furthermore, It will notify you when you should leave so you can be able to make it to your destination on time. (Now Card)
==create event for ____ /next ______
-Note to self:_____
– Set Alarm for______
-Remind me to______ in 2 hours.  This works for “call home”, for longer string “call Andrea” does not.


now with the latest .apk your weather will be in the notification bar
*Weather will update by itself on Google Now based on your location. (Now Card)
-What’s the weather like
– What’s the weather like in________
-Will I need a jacket today?
-What the weather like + day


*A now card will display the places you have searched when traveling so you can find your best restaurant near by.(Now Card)
-call + (places name)
– map of (places name)  Tried with Civil Service Club.  Reported the club house in the city
– (place name) near by .  Tried with Compass Point.  It shows a card with a Map of Compass Point and some web results.  I was expecting an additional card on Kopitiam Square.

For You

-Call + (contacts name)  This works
-Text + (contacts name) + (message) This works
-Send email to (contact name)(,)(message) This sort of works, need to remember the syntax for subject and message body.


-Play (artist name) Adele works, Carly Rae Jepsen doesn’t
-Play (songs title)  This does not work, jumps to a search result page.
= Listen to (artist name or song title)  This is much more reliable.  Both artist name and song title works.


*Based on what teams you search, Google Now will give a Now card of the scores of those teams to keep you updated. (Now Card)
-Score for (teams name)
-When is the next (teams name) game
-How are the (team) doing
-Did the (team) win


_____Percent or % of ____. (ex. Bill Tip fpr 15%. Type “15% of 84.51” it will answer 12.68)
– 9 x 9
– 10 + 117
-How many inches are in _ feet
– ask it whatever simple math problem I guess


*If travel to a place with a different currency, a Now Card will automatically display the exchange rate for you.(Now Card)
-Amount + current currency name + (currency name) – for ex. (100 dollars in euro)

Question and Holidays

-Who is the current president of the US
-When is (holiday) in (what year) Tried with Deepavali, replied Tues Nov 13 2012. Tried with Chinese NewYear, replied with card.  Tried with Hari Raya or Hari Raya Puasa, it got confused.
-Whats the capital of ___
– How old is_____ (almost anything) Tried with Raffles Hotel.  Gave a web result.  The answer to Statue of  Liberty gave a web result too.
– how tall is_____ (person or building, etc.) Kobe Bryant query gave a card.  Tried with Singapore Flyer, gave a card!

== Who is ___ Tried with Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, cards return.  Tried with Lee Kuan Yew, the search got lost and gave erroneous web results.


*If you travel to a different timezone a now card will display the current time now(Now Card)
-Today’s date?
-What time is it?
-What time is it in (location)?
-When is sunrise/sunset in (location)?
-What timezone is (location) in?

Image Search

-Pictures of___  Tested with African Violet, loads Google Images.
-What does_____ look like Tested with African Violet, loads Google Images even ‘an’ was recognized as ‘and’


*A Now card will display the translation lanugaue for you when you travel to a different country with a diffent language, so you can be able to understand what other people are saying about you 😛 (Now Card)
-Definition of________
-What does_______ mean.
-Define___  Tried with pi, came back with a card on pastry pie.  Tried with electron charge and it works.


– Go to (url)  Works for Yahoo, Microsoft, but not for Singtel, M1 or Starhub

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