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Making it easier to read the New Ramblings.

I noticed that the full browser theme simply cannot make it for small screens.  The mobile browsers just zoomed out to put everything on screen.

The result is an unreadable webpage and the reader have zoom in and scroll around.  I don’t know about you, I hate all that vertical and horizontal scrolling.  To fix that, I have installed the WordPress Mobile Pack.  It detects the browser and serves up the appropriate theme.

So now the New Ramblings is mobile friendly. On the iPhone and Android browsers the webpages are laid out nicely with the five most recent posts.  There is a link at the bottom to get to the full site if you desire.

Now to figure out the link management and tracking bit.

24 Jul 12 Update.
Google Analytics provide an excellent set of tools to track visitors and what links they access.  Visits by search engine bots are discounted.  Strangely for the New Ramblings, all the visitors are coming from Serverfault. Oh yeah, permalinks are now in the human friendly format.

11 Nov 12 Update.
I realized that embedded Youtube videos don’t show up well in RSS feeds and some mobile screens.  To ensure a complete browsing experience, I have changed for all posts old and new,  a link accompanying embeded video.  If the embedded video don’t show up, you can always click on the link.

Link management, I have started using Bit.Ly to shorten my links.  My interest is in tracking the click through rate of the links, rather than the length of the link.  The nice thing is that this can be reused in Twitter, Facebook and G+.

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