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Class projects

You take night classes and the homework is to research on a company and do a group presentation.  The team sit down, trash out the issues, chopped up the action items and do up a schedule.  The next time you meet, you discovered half of the team had done as discussed.  The other half had gone on and do their own thing.

What happened?

Well, did the team had a basic minutes of meeting detailing what was discussed and who to do what by when?  Did the team agree on how updates are done? Using what?

This sounds like…….. work! The horrors!!

Of course it does.  Why should it be any different in teams at work and teams working on their night class projects.  Both are teams and projects.

Take a page from the workplace playbook and save yourself a tonne of grief. Minutes of meeting are not just for show. They are also used for ensuring action items are assigned and received, completed and reviewed.

Teams means having more hands and a diverse point of views. To smooth the wheels of collaboration, there should be standardize templates and tools for communication etc. Otherwise all the creative efforts will become screams of frustration.

Or maybe a project manager for the night class project.

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