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Password Managers

There is a good chance that you have more than 10 accounts that requires user id and password.  Personal web mail, Facebook, Twitter, corporate network account, HR portal, online forums etc.  How do you keep track of the passwords?

Introducing password managers.  These are software that keeps your userid and password in a secure software vault.  All you need to remember is the master password to unlock the vault.  You can then copy and paste the credentials into the relevant login page.  Some software keeps the related login webpage of application.  All you need to do is drill down.

The more evolved password managers backs up the software vault to a server somewhere. (Tivoli Enterprise Single Sign On). In the event the hard disk of your computer crashes, all these information can be recovered.

For personal use, you can use Keepass, an open source password manager that you can keep on a USB stick.   Back up the store by regularly copying it to web storage or even your email.  The downside is that you will need a regular PC to use this.  Until now.

Introducing LastPass, an online password manager.  It has applications for almost every mobile device, IOS, Android, Symbian and browser extensions for IE and Firefox.  The passwords are encrypted and stored on LastPass server.  They are decrypted on the local device before use.  If necessary, a local copy  can be created for offline use.

Check it out here.



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