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Good by 2011 and hello 2012

Queen Elizabeth once commented a certain year was ‘annus horribilis’. Well for me 2011 it was one, changing jobs in difficult circumstances and not a stable home front.

In the first half of the year, I was trying to increase the number of virtual hosts and retire some boxes to a DR role. Running the free hypervisor was fine for one box. When you have four, moving the guests around proved to be trying. I guess the vendor decided to throw some stones to encourage you to get the good stuff.

Redeeming a set of free tickets to Japan proved to be extremely trying. It seems that when you have the tickets courtesy of frequent flyer miles, the points are not really deducted until you actually fly. Once the hurdles have been crossed, Hokkaido is a really nice place to visit in summer/autumn. Clean has a different meaning there.

There were a few bright spots, in the later half of the year, I moved on to another job that is better paying and flexible hours. It was a comfort to be part of a well oiled machine. The children’s school results left much to be desired, in the coming year, I need to use a different strategy to improve their writing.

Well this is it.  Happy New Year!!


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