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Car air-con

The car air-con gave up on Saturday.  I thought it was a fuze problem.  Nope fuze is ok.  May be its the relay.  Checked what I thought was the air-conditioner condenser relay.  Looks ok.  Turn the engine, the air con is back!  Hurray I thought.

Later in the evening it stopped working for good.  The next day, Sunday is a Public Holiday, so is Monday.  Have to endure 2 sweltering days driving with the windows down.  Reminds me of my childhood days on the old SBS  or Tractor Motor buses.

On Monday night, I managed to noodle the electrical diagram for the heating and cooling.  Turns out the blower motor is directly connected to the mains and ground.  There are a couple of resistors to adjust fan speed, basically thats it.  I know the electrical cabling is good, that means the bad news, the blower fan is dead.  More noodling, lots of people say it is a simple repair job.  Only problem is that I can’t remove the dash.  Sleep on it.

The next day I have given up and was going to drive to the agent to get it fixed.  Wait a minute, agent for a simple blower motor switch is simply not worth it.  More noodling and found a shop near the office.

Thank you Precision Auto Air-Conditioning for being light on the wallet, we now get cool air with our drive.


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