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UCWeb problem with images

I have been using UCWeb 7.6 on my Nokia E71 for ages.  The auto network switching is really great!   Everything was working fine.  Well too fine, since it works so well.

About 2 weeks ago, it started showing black bands for forums running on vBulletin.  I could hardly make out what are the thread headers.  Once inside the threads, the individual posts are not affected.  It is only affected at the forum level.  I put up with it as my data plan, M1’s Sunsurf Mobile gives me a measely 200MB.  The other choice of browsers are Opera Mini or the default Webkit Nokia browser.  Both are not great chocies.

When UCWEB 7.8 was released in 15 July 11.  I quickly upgraded thinking it will solve my problem with the black bands.

Sadly no.  The black bands remains.  Since the other websites faces no such problems, it has to be some kind of interpretation problem.  I stepped through the Preferences menu, one by one to see if there is any improvement.  The image resolution was set to high, out of low, normal or high.  That caused the banding.  I switched to normal, no banding.  Back to high, banding reappears.

Well at least that solve the problem.

UCWeb is available here.

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