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Ramblings is now 3.2 are you?

The Ramblings is now WordPress 3.2. The new Admin panel checks the version of your browser and gives you a warning. if it is  too old. My FireFox 3.6 gives a yellow warning.

WordPress 3.2 browser warining

WordPress 3.2 browser warining

Internet Explorer 6 users  are suppose get the red banner.  When I tried out using IE 6, all I got is a seriously messed up screen. You really should stop using IE 6. It is horribly slow and riddled with bugs, after all why miss out on tabbed browsing?  If you are using a locked down computer, you can always use Portable FireFox.  🙂

11 Jul 11 Update: The box for IE6 did not up is because of the “Screen Options”.  The “You are using an insecure browser” check box was  not checked.  When checked, the following showed up.

WordPress 3.2 warning for IE6 users.

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