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Go fly a kite!

I went kite flying during the weekend.  First session was with my daugther’s Kite Flying Day’s  kite.  That did not fare very well.  It kept insisting on flying the wrong way round.  With the string on one shoulder, Any flight short or long is destined earthwards.

The second session with a freebie from the local Resident’s Committee (RC) anti crime day.  Now we are talking.  Hitch the line to pre-stamped eyelet (hole) and the running line through the guide.  Assemble the kite and hold it up in the air.  The wind takes care of the rest.  No running of waving of arms required.  All I needed to do is run it out and avoid the air space of the $200-4-control-string-kite-neighbour.

An eye off the reel, the kite literally pulled all the string out and took off.  I ended up chasing after a runaway kite.  Luckily without tension, it crashed some 200 metres away.  I got it before somebody souvenir-ed it.

All in all great fun.  I strongly recommend trying it out as the flying fields are slowly converted into construction sites.  By this time next year, none will be left.

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