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Back from a holiday

After a really long period, at least 7 years and some months, my wife and I went on a overseas holiday without the kids. Singapore being so small, staying the weekend at a hotel can get quite boring.

I discovered belatedly, there are politics in applying for overseas leave.   Some thing, most annual vacationers have already known. You have to declare your intentions well in advance of the usual rule of thumb, one month for one week . Why? You may ask, after all where you are going is it anyone concern?. Well it is reserving your slot before your flight details are in.  If your leave overlaps with someone else, your boss may/will freak out and reject the application.

According to David Allen, when you prepare for the annual vacation, you will assess, complete or delegate or re-negotiate all open loops (action items).  For a better peace of mind and productivity, we should be doing this daily, instead of annually.  I did not get any magical feeling of stress release or job completion, but rather, I have handed over.  I suspect that came from the declaring a no handphone or internet holiday than from any GTD process.

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