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Getting Things Done or GTD

This book has been around for some time and some people really swear by it. I am currently into my first month of doing this.

Collect.  Collect all your the items that you have to do into a “collection bucket/s”.  Well if you don’t see it how can your process them?  I have found that it is not that simple to just dump out everything I was tracking or committed to do.  If anything pops up, when I am at my desk, it goes into a my tracking system.  If I am away from my desk, I immediately key it into my handphone (E71).

Process.  Process the stuff collected.  I must remember to go through B5 notebook that I use. Had a few todos that were missed out. Small items that can be done within 2 minutes, do it now.  Larger stuff, break down into small discrete next action steps (eg. buy screws from home improvement shop, buy glue to repair shoes).  Put into action list or waiting for list.

Organize.   Group the results of processing.  Multi step action items goes into Projects lists.  One off action items goes into a Next Action item list.  .  Waiting for items goes into a waiting for list.  This part here I don’t always do.   I usually push it into a tickler/calendar file. Reference materials goes into a reference file or list.

Review.  Review regularly to keep it fresh.  Check through action item lists and collect some more.  If it is at the end of the week, do a weekly review.

Do.  Just Do It.  Complete the Next Action list, item by item.  But which one first?  That is for another post.  After I internalize that part.  For now a good guide is the things that you hate doing most first.  Those items if not worked on tends to take the most time.

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