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Family’s ‘special night’ ends in tragedy

This is a very sad story on two fronts.

MALAYSIAN police have classified the death of Singaporean lorry driver Lah Lee Hock as a case of ‘sudden death’, but his son believes something more sinister could have happened.

On Sunday, Mr Lah, 37, was found lying on the floor of a nightclub in Plaza Sentosa in Johor Baru. He died in the first-floor lift lobby of the building later.

He had gone to the nightclub on the fourth floor with his Ipoh-born wife, Mrs Lah Li Yun, 33, their son Wee Siong, 17, and the teenager’s girlfriend Felicia Ding, 18.

Wee Siong said it was a special night out for the family.

‘We go there only when we have money, to drink and ‘shake our head’,’ he said in Mandarin on Monday, referring to the way people dance when high on the drug Ecstasy. ‘The last time we were there together was in January.’

At about 1am, the four split up to dance, he said. His father went to his ‘usual spot’ in front of the speakers while the rest of them went to the dance floor.

In the print edition, the article mentioned the couple have 3 other children. I guess it is too late for the father, may be this will point to a different path for the eldest son.  Rest In Peace and best wishes.

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